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Pato Banton   Pato Banton

Meet my friend Pato Banton! He's played reggae everywhere. Watch this episode to find out more about this gentleman.
Roger Steffens   Roger Steffens

Roger Steffens, leading reggae authority, critic, expert, author and archivist in the US today. His enormous collection, which comprises the Bob Marley Archive in Los Angeles is nothing less than vast. Roger’s knowledge and opinion on reggae music are well respected. Here, Roger talks about reggae’s past, present and future direct from the archive!
Chris Murray   Chris Murray

Chris, along with his Chris Murray Combo, has brought the spirit of reggae and ska all around the world. He has a huge following. His music is always light, upbeat and positive. He also brings bands from all around the country to LA at his “Blue Beat Lounge” providing a venue and outlet for many other local and popular reggae/ska bands.
Vic Ruggiero / The Slackers   Vic Ruggiero/The Slackers

The Slackers have long been masters of club reggae and ska. They are easily the hardest working reggae band in the US today with close to 25 CDs. They tour most days out of the year bringing joy and happiness to audiences worldwide. Here, Vic talks openly about his career and the music scene in a rare and personal interview.
Owen Grey / The Wailing Souls   Owen Grey/The Wailing Souls

We only had a short time to talk to Owen Grey, but he is one of the foundational members of the reggae brotherhood. His first hit was in 1957. We top that off with a backstage interview with one of the most influential bands in the music, The Wailing Souls. It was a rare treat to talk about the early days in Kingston, growing up with Bob Marley and the future of reggae with Pipe and Bread: musicians, writers and of course, founders of the band.
Bushman   Bushman

Bushman had performed in LA at the Raggamuffin Festival and was good enough to talk (and sing) for us after a press conference. Since then, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in reggae. His voice and music is likened to Luciano and Peter Tosh, both of whom are a huge influence. You’ll instantly become a Bushman fan after this!
Nadine Sutherland   Nadine Sutherland

Nadine is a star. Now co-host of the popular “Rising Star” show on Jamaican television, she was discovered by Bob Marley and has been a popular singer in Jamaica since she was ten. She’s played Sunsplash, and large and small venues all around the world, and provides a unique perspective into reggae.
Ras Michael   Ras Michael Star

The Nyahbingi Specialist. Friend of Bob Marley. His haunting drum beats penetrate some of the most popular rhythms in the world of music to this day. His band, The Sons (and Daughters) of Negus have played small clubs to stadium crowds always bringing the word of Jah to his audiences in peace, love and music. Ras Michael is a good friend.
Earl Chinna Smith   Earl “Chinna” Smith Star

As a youngster, he was guitar player for Soul Syndicate, original backing band for some of the most popular reggae artists in history. He’s played with The Wailers. He brought life to The Melody Makers and toured with them for years. He has played with everyone in reggae music. Almost. Chinna doesn’t speak much, but when he does, he has a lot to say. It was our pleasure to hear him talk about his life, his music and the way tings a go “…inna de yahd.”
Chris Wilson / Heartbeat Records   Chris Wilson/Heartbeat Records Star

As a VP for the label, Chris has launched artists like Richie Spice, Michael Rose and more into the forefront. He had provided a creative outlet for scores of reggae artists, giving credibility and recognition to their music. His interviews with historic producer Coxson Dodd have been a great contribution to Reggae and the label’s cd and compilation releases of the best of Studio One artists with full credits and liner notes now document the very foundation of the music. Thank you, Mr. Wilson!
Michigan & Smiley   Michigan & Smiley Star

They were not the first dancehall artists, but they remain the most popular. Songs like Rub-a-Dub Style and One Love in a Jam Down are classic reggae riddims. Today, they still perform regularly as a group and as solo artists. Papa Michigan’s “Barack Obama” video has helped define a new sound and bring dancehall music into the new age. They are the Godfathers of Dancehall, fe true!

Steel Pulse   Steel Pulse Star

One of the first of the British Reggae Bands. Founded in the 1970s by David Hinds and his mates, they sing about the truth. Their songs address politics, social situations, their African heritage and topics of big importance that people need to know. They are rebels in the best sense and in our interview, David Hinds with keyboardist Selwyn Brown express their views on everything. I love their videos, too!

Shaggy   Shaggy Star

Only a few reggae artists have penetrated the tough American music market. But through the evolution of dancehall, more and more American youths have been ushered into the reggae arena. Shaggy is among the most popular and prolific of these modern artists who give reggae a new twist and launch it into the 21st century. His hits are numerous and instantly recognizable. Shaggy is a very busy guy and we were fortunate to have time to talk with him after a before a performance at Universal Studios.
Tarrus Riley feat. Dean Fraser   Tarrus Riley featuring Dean Fraser Star

Tarrus Riley is a new artist with an extensive background. His father is Reggae legend Jimmy Riley. So even though he only has a few CDs to his credit so far, Tarrus Riley has history. Growing up around the greats, including Bob Marley, Tarrus's musical education started early. Although he never really wanted to sing, and considered it "an old man t'ing," his opinion thankfully changed. Today, he charms the world with a voice that is one of the sweetest in Reggae! His "healing music" is produced by sax virtuoso Dean "The Cannon" Fraser, a world-class musician who has arguably played with "everyone" in Reggae and who pays a visit in this episode.

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